Thursday, June 21, 2007

Real Life Takes Over

Myths aside, I am having drama.
My cat had surgery last week and upon shaving his belly, the Dr discovered a long healed scar from sternum to.. well, whatever the medical term is for pee-pee. Now the cat adopted us last year, and we have no idea of his medical history or why someone would cut him open like that. But he ended up having not one but TWO hernias from it, so he had to be opened again to tuck things back into place.

All was good until last Sunday night when he decided to lick at the suture site. Since I'm a responsible cat mommy, I took him to the emergency vet who nicely fitted him into a torture device called a plastic cone.

So now he mucks around with that damn thing on his head, bumping into furniture and hating life and me with it. Since he likes to sleep next to or on me, half the time I end up with my face in the damned cone.

Since he won't eat with that stupid thing on, I have to take off it at nights. So my writing time is punctuated with "No Sylvester", or "stop it" or "Bad Kot" (Kot is cat in russian) etc etc. Instead of eating or drinking, he tries to groom. And he won't eat or drink with the stupid cone on his head...

Needless to say, Urban Myth isn't quite where it needs to be...

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