Saturday, December 15, 2007

Urban Fantasy is Released!

I'm super excited about this one. It really was a kick in the pants and I am really thrilled with how it turned out.

Oh, and I got a GREAT review from JERR on Urban Myth.

...Give me a book that mixes the paranormal with an ass kicking female and I will be in heaven. Reading Urban Myth provided more than enough of the two and threw in some fantastic erotica. Taina is an independent, self sufficient loner that needed nobody. Having been betrayed, she had decided that the only person she could count on was herself. Rayan took her heart and froze it when he left with no reason and seeing him at the compound was like having it thawed out. The lust was instant, tangible, and there for all to see. Only Rayan was just as affected by her presence. The reasons he left were admirable, however, instead of telling her what was going on, he just left. And men wonder why we women bash them...Anyway, he is just plain and simple HOT. He is a physically fit, sexy specimen of a man, one that I could just jump on and go crazy with. The sexual tension between these two is obvious and I could not wait for them to jump one another. I was NOT disappointed. The sex was blatant, filled with hunger and repression, and it just exploded. They had me squirming and wiggling with my own desire to play, but the desire to read overrode that. Fiona Jayde did a fabulous job with the writing and storytelling aspects of the story, and the editing was just as wonderful. Plenty of action, sex, and emotion made Urban Myth a must read.

Stacey Landers
Just Erotic Romance Reviews