Saturday, August 30, 2008

New Review for SpacePort: Drop Zone!

From Just Erotic Romance Reviews:

After having his senses enhanced, Roen Decks began to mine uralium ore-an ore that is dangerously easy to explode. Meeting Kamura Shard, his enhanced sense of smell attracts him to her arousal, until he finds out that she is the distributor who has been aborting his supplies. Kamura knows that she
has to provide to Roen that she is not sabotaging his supplies. Can she mine ore and convince Roen that she's not guilty?

Drop Zone is another of the stories from the multi author series Spaceport. The plot of this story is well-written with excellent characters. I loved Kamura especially for her thoughtful and determined attitude. Roen was a wonderful male character, with his concern for his crew. After they begin to
work together, Kamura and Roen have very hot sex. I was enthralled by their sexual encounters, particularly because Roen was sure that Kamura was intentionally destroying his work. Both Roen and Kamura were falling in love with each other, even though neither trusted the other. There was an
interesting twist near the end of the book that was easily figured out, but even so, I enjoyed the story immensely.

-Marcy Arbitman
Just Erotic Romance Reviews

Thank you Marcy!!

Friday, August 8, 2008


Another collaboration with Stephanie Arwen Lynch!
This is the Empress card:)