Saturday, June 2, 2007

Latest News

So as mentioned in the previous blog, DeTained is out and GrimJustin will "sail" in peaceful space for a long while. It needs a break from all the lazer blasts anyway.

Last night, I gathered all my balls and upon advice of a writer friend submitted a first chapter to Opal Caraw contest. I polished it as best as I could, I had my wonderful crit partners looking at it, but didn't run it through my last and best line of defence -- Chrissy, my editor at Changeling. So I'm feeling naughty and scared at the same time. I can't spell and I tend to get cute with my turn of phrase. I also used "eyes" instead of "gazes" -- which is on the list of no-nos, but like I said, I was feeling naughty.
(As in "her eyes lifted from his chest to his face" -- vs. her gaze lifted.... Chrissie is right, eyes can't lift! )

The story is a contemporary suspence (romance of course), titled Shattered Silence. (Thanks to Xjiard for the idea on the name!!!) its set in the modern "real" world, but it has a slight paranormal twist. My heroine - Kate Malloy -- is a cop who turned psychic after a concussion. She can sense "intent" towards her before its made, be it verbal or physical. True to form, I'll have martial arts fighting and lots of "action".

My second article on writing is up on the Cheeky Changeling Newsletter. Check it out -- For Every Situation, There Must Be Motivation

Today I need to get 2k into Urban Myth, so of course I'm procrastinating.


Robin L. Rotham said...

Congrats, Fi! (God, it's been too long since I visited my blogroll!) I'm not supposed to read anyone else's books until I finish AAA, but I might just have to bail on that promise to myself and read DeTained sometime this week.

And I'm so happy you subbed to the Opal Carew contest! I've got my fingers crossed for you.

Fiona Jayde said...

Thanks Robin -- its still not the site, but I keep checking. How is AAA going?? Are you getting close? I keep thinking about it!