Wednesday, September 5, 2007

News and Paintings

I've been a busy creative bee.

Urban Legend is a couple of days from going to my editor -- as soon as my fabulous critique partner is done with it. Its scheduled for Oct 12 release at Changeling and I'm a bit anxious about it. This one really kicked my butt -- its quite intense with all sorts of action and car chases and vampyre human love.

Amethyst Moon will be part of a FABULOUS anthology titled Behind The Mask. Cursed jewels, masked ball and a couple of thieves... This one was a lot of fun to write and whats more, I'm sharing this antho with a group of dear friends and very talented writers -- Cyan Bell, Sheri Livingston and Taylor Voltaire.

And since I can't focus on just one thing I tried my hand at cover design. Its not at all the official cover but it was lots of fun to play with. We're hoping for a November Release so stay tuned!

I also painted again. And I think I learned a few things -- of of them being that apparently I paint better if I'm slightly miffed. I think this one is my best one so far! My hubby already called dibs...


Robin Snodgrass said...

Love the mock up of a cover! I think they should use it for your upcoming book!

As for the painting - it's TERRIFIC! The reflection in the pool is beautiful and gives it such a wonderful realistic feel. Thanks for sharing!!

Hugs, Robin

Fiona Jayde said...

Thank you Robin!
I'm getting more and more into 3d and very much enjoy it:)

As for the painting -- I was actually surprised how well it came out:)

Lacey Savage said...

OMFG! Fi, the painting is superb! Tell hubby I'm willing to arm wrestle him for it. LOL