Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Behind The Masque

E-publishing was created for those of us without patience. I truly am a child of digital age -- I want things immediately and have no patience.

In that context, I'm thrilled to announce that an anthology my friends and I worked on only a few months ago is released by Cobblestone Press!

Beneath the Masque is a grouping of novellas of various genres, all tied with a common thread. The setting is a Charity Masquarade Ball for Breast Cancer Education and Research. The theme is control - as in loosing of, due to a gypsy cursed amethyst that amplifies desires and quiets inhibitions.

The authors and the publisher will donate 100% of net profits to breastcancer.org, merging the cause in the anthology with the cause in real life.

For More Information on the Anthology, Please Click Here

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