Tuesday, August 7, 2007

A GrimJustin Encounter -- Complimentary Short Story at Cheeky Changeling

GrimJustin 2.37 – DeServed

If you like your Sci-Fi scorching, catch up with Jack Brenner as he teaches his lover a lesson she won’t soon forget.

Encounters – sizzling short stories at Changeling Press Monthly Ezine! And did we mention they're free? Click Here!

Discover the series Literary Nymphs calls “..naughty, engaging, and thrilling just like a sci-fi romance should be”.

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Terri said...

O.K. so what is with the graphic cutting off??? Where is the rest?

Fiona Jayde said...

LOL Terri -- I made the promo to be fit for Yahoo groups and its too wide for the blog...
But here is the full promo link: